seafood from Norway
Krossern 18, 1513 Moss, Oslo, Norway.


Fish - for thousands of years is the cornerstone of the culture of Norway: from the bone hooks of ancient fishermen to the high technologies of modern aquaculture. Norway's trade traditions are closely related to fish and also go back many centuries. Since the late Middle Age, fish are exported to Europe: first by merchants of the Hanseatic League, and later by Norwegian companies.

Nowadays, aquaculture and fisheries are important elements of the Norwegian economy. Environmental protection and climatic improvement of the fjords have created favorable conditions for fish farms, where a high-quality and delicious product is grown - one of the main components of healthy and delicious food. We also have Finnmark in northern Northen Norway were must of our crustaceans are fished, with the improvement of technogy, these seafood products are transported carefully to our processing plants and warehouses in Oslo and Bergen where we have the largest domestic market.

Alinco is a farmily own business inherited for over generations whose goal has also been to maintain and keep family legacy. Its run my Mrs. CATHRINE SOLBAKKEN she controls and monitor the entire process line. Alinco main aim is to supply high quality products from serious and reliable producers. We are the preferred partner in Norway seafood business by building long term relationship with customers. To always be beyond Your needs regarding service, availability and commitments. We guarantee product quality from catching to your plates. For over 20 years today our company has been able to build a remarkable and standard reputation with all customers, Alinco AS treats his customers equal both old and new.